Presence presence: getting your social media 'interview ready'

You know, there are times when it really does not seem like you're doing all that is necessary to get your social media 'interview ready'. It's as if you haven't taken the time to make a great first impression, and yet you keep meeting new people and meeting them in new situations.

Of course, it is never easy to get your social media 'interview ready', but it doesn't have to be that way if you use some of the tips that I am about to show you. The number one tip that I have for you is to always remember that you don't have to sit back and wait for someone to offer an interview; the truth is, you don't even need to be at the office, or even at home; you can send yourself out in the world.

One of the great things about using email and instant messaging services is that they allow you to create a lot of different connections with people who might be interested in your business, and you will be able to get your social media 'interview ready' much more quickly than you would if you were simply at your desk. So, don't wait around any longer - get out there and start sending yourself out!

The Internet never forgets and forgets rarely miss candidate for office, you want your presence on the Internet to be who you are, and, in certain professions, why you were making the ideal candidate for this job. That is why we have created a list of all the ways in which you can get interviews on social media.

Depending on the platform, your photos may differ. Album upload (as family leave) is encouraged in the design of Facebook. LinkedIn is not used for this purpose. Instagram and Snapchat offer filters and video functions because they want to be fun, but they are not always translated into other platforms.

Photography is a necessity. LinkedIn is the first recruiter, since it’s your online resume. And there’s nothing worse than seeing more than one person in a photo

Additional tips for choosing the ideal photo for the LinkedIn profile, head to

LinkedIn Blog for tips

Privacy always changes. What was private one day was no longer private. Not to mention the workarounds. The fact that you have privacy settings doesn’t mean that your friend, who marked you in the photo, has the same parameters. Who knows? A friend can be the current employee in the company you are accessing. They shouldn’t be watching you to see what you’re doing

When removing social media profiles, the easiest way to find a solution for an employer is to find unsuitable and/or negative messages, it can be a retaliate fire. According to half of employers-47 percent-say they will not call a person for an interview if they can’t find them online. More than a quarter of employers say they want to gather information before calling a candidate. 20% say it is because they expect the candidates to have an online presence. If not, I think they have something to hide.

Everyone has heard horror about the work of social networks that investigate the mistakes, so when it comes to your online presence, use sasperation and discretion. Like any business, you need to know your audience and understand that some things are better for different platforms.