4 takeaways from hundbreakhers, a leafs women's networking event

Speakers included:

It was attended by four happy SLN SLN creators, who gained an invaluable opportunity to look into the world of sport and the media. In this position, we will compile our decisions. We even had the opportunity to talk to one of the organizers of the event, Daniel Henry

That's what everyone should have said

Daniel, what was the inspiration for the GroundbreakHERS series?

In high school and universities, I never thought about doing sports. It's really something I've never thought before. The program "GrowdbreakHERS" plays an important role in the light of this industry for women who are looking for the next career path. It presents opportunities for work in sports/media. At the business level, this idea emerged when MLSE acquired Toronto Argos. We were looking for new and creative ways to accumulate tickets, and we decided that we would be taking a group, focusing on women in the industry. The idea came up with creative thinking

You have had incredible participation in the work of the rapporteurs and rapporteurs. Who were you glad to hear from?

I had the pleasure of talking to the panellists in the run-up to the event. I was particularly pleased to hear from Katrina. She's an external speaker, not someone I'm close to. I'd like to know her origin and how she runs a women's hockey in Toronto through Toronto. It was great to hear from her!

What do you expect the young students and the budding bosbos to receive from this event?

I hope the participants felt the spark. I hope they were fire fires or peas. Was it someone who hopes to get a job in the sport, or someone has been looking for inspiration and getting acquainted with new people and creating ways for themselves. It was an inspiration. I've left my faith that if I want something, I can get it. And I hope the others felt the same

  • We always care about the negative comments that people throw on us in social networks, but we never admit to good. So you have to focus on the positives of everything, since these are the ones that will help you succeed
  • The network is not just adding users to LinkedIn. The fact is that he is genuinely interested in someone else' s job and what they did to get to where they are. Katrina Galace specifically told you before she was sure to ask someone to drink coffee, because she would actually show that you were only here to try to get your foot in the door. Be sincere about your intentions
  • Even if you do not have a sports background, there are skills that you can definitely pass to succeed in this industry, including good customer experience and communication skills. It is very important to be able to communicate effectively in this industry
  • Be the most authentic, but be careful what you see on social networks, because everything is on the Internet, because most employers look at your social networks
  • As you can see, our creators of SLN taught, last week, to listen to a woman's discussion. Continue to return to the SLN blog so that it will overwrite exclusive events like GroundbreakHERS!

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